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I am the Online Natural History Editor for National Geographic, where I write and edit stories about wildlife and nature. I’m also the founder and editor of the National Geographic blog Weird & Wild, where I indulge my love of all things bizarre.

In 2011 I was incredibly lucky to visit Antarctica on a National Science Foundation fellowship. The trip led to my first book, SOUTH POLE: The British Antarctic Expedition 1910–1913, which chronicles the 1912 British expedition to the South Pole. The book is available at Assouline boutique stores, the Assouline website, or on Amazon.

I also write freelance stories for the Washington Post travel section. Here are my most recent pieces:

This secluded state park on the Chesapeake Bay offers an alternative to summer’s crowds


3 thoughts on “My Work

  1. I found your book South Pole: The British Antarctic Expedition 1910-1913 sitting on a table at my parents house and decided to pick it up to read. I knew the story of Scott and his expedition but I found the cover intriguing so decided to give it a go. Am so glad I did! Great stuff and I really enjoyed your writing style: very informative without being dry. Which is a hard balance sometimes! But you really did a great job so I just wanted to let you know. Take care and happy travels out there! Zoie Clift

  2. Hi Christine, glad to see you are traveling the world! You and I last spoke on an ENSP hike with Dr. James and Dr. Whittemore a few years back. I am an environmental scientist in Greenbelt now. How awesome is it to travel the world and write about your amazing experiences! I would love to get to the arctic at some point myself. If you’re up for a hike or bike ride drop me an email. DC is gorgeous in the Spring. Happy trails, Alisha Sutton

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